Unfinished business and new Candy business
3:50 pm
The next 58 days before MLB Opening Day are going to be sweet.

We're working on fulfilling the rest of the Community Burn Rewards and 2022 prizes. We are shipping the WWE shirts, Sweet Futures signed Footballs, Uncut Diamonds signed Baseballs, and Sweet Futures signed Basketball Jerseys to those eligible collectors.

The Candy team is hard at work getting the locks on the vaulted NFTs as well as burning the surplus  Stranger Things Prop Collectibles.

Candy is looking into Data Viz for Netflix and our other brands so our community can see all the metadata behind our drops.

Candy Fam who completed our Full Set Vaulted ICON challenge will receive their limited edition Bryce Harper chaser in their collection by the end of this week (2/3/2023). The rewards for our Community Burn tiered will be delivered around February 15th.

We are hyper-focused on elevating our platform and products to build the leading web3 fan engagement platform across sports, entertainment, and culture. Our MLB drop structure will primarily focus on ICONs, Highlights, and Tickets, with some Bespoke flavor thrown in. We are also planning for Netflix, Getty, Racing, WWE, and Sweet Futures.

We’re continuing to work on improving site functionality and new features, as we explore a new strategy for an on-site engagement. Thank you in advance to the community members who volunteer to help us as we beta-test new features such as loyalty and gamification.

We're excited about the season ahead and can't wait to share more with you. March is coming faster than you think, hope you're ready to play ball.