NERDS! Do You Copy? Nerds? Do You Copy…
12:09 pm

On July 14th, we’ll be dropping our Candy x Netflix Stranger Things “The Upside Down Series” digital collectibles posters. It’ll feature 17 limited-edition posters of your favorite Stranger Things characters all sold via Mystery Box (meaning you won’t know which character poster you’ve purchased until you open the Mystery Box) @ $11 each. Additionally, for all of you completionists out there, we’ll be offering 99 Hellfire Club Bundles @ $275 apiece which will include ALL 17 of our character posters. With 11,111 posters TOTAL being sold, here are the deets on the characters and numbers.

Mystery Boxes And Hellfire Club Bundles will be available on the Candy website at 1 PM ET for Early Access and an hour later at 2 PM ET for General Access, so don’t miss your window! Box and Bundle sales will end at 5 PM ET on July 20th (if they haven’t sold out before then), BUT if you do happen to let any of your faves slip through your fingers, you can always search, browse, and find ‘em on our secondary marketplace at after the sales period ends.

Early Access to be granted to: 

  • All fans who completed an Game Phase
  • Select members of the following communities: Adam Bomb Squad, FWENCLUB, World of Women, World of Women Galaxy, Doodles, Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO, The Heart Project, Probably Nothing, mfers

One important thing to keep in mind: If there are any Mystery Boxes left after the purchase windows expire, those remaining will be vaulted, never to be sold again. This could cause poster counts and probabilities/rarities to change.

Curious what countries Candy is available in? See the full list here

That’s all we’ve got for now. Keep checking this space for more info (and perhaps a surprise or two) as we near the drop date.

Over and out.