Candy’s 2023 Pre-Season Scouting Report
12:45 pm

Opening Day is 2 weeks away and Candy Digital’s 2023 MLB lineup is looking stacked!

We’ve been working through the offseason building on our learnings from 2022 to create a new series of innovative and thoughtful products and experiences that allow you to celebrate your MLB fandom by collecting and engaging with cherished pieces of America’s pastime.

We see engagement as the core of deepening fandom, and our new platform features will help take our collectibles to the next level! Let’s dive into the details:

Candy Campaigns

This season, we are excited to introduce Candy Campaigns to our platform! In a Candy Campaign, you can complete Challenges to earn Points, achieve Tiers, and unlock Rewards. 

Campaign 1 Details

  • Start Date: Thursday, March 30th
  • End Date: Sunday, April 30th
  • How to Earn Points:
  • ~Collection Challenges - To start, you'll be able to earn points from a variety of collection challenges. The more difficult the challenge, the more points earned for completion. These challenges may span one day, one week, or the entire campaign. The first campaign will focus on previous Candy products, so get ready to put those collections to work! 
  • ~Candy Code Breakers - Candy will be introducing a new challenge type to accompany our Team Pack drops in mid-April. Fans will be able to use their baseball knowledge to crack the code and earn points and exclusive digital collectibles.
  • ~As the season progresses, we'll be introducing more ways to earn points.
  • Campaign Score: Since rewards are given out at the end of every campaign, you’ll see your campaign score reset after the end date. As the season moves along, we will be tracking your scores across campaigns and adding leaderboards to show how you stack up against the wider community.
  • Rewards: Exclusive highlight compilation packs commemorating the Players of the Week and Players of the Month early in the season. 


  • For 2023 ICONs  we’re committed to leading with scarcity and rarity, and are evolving our release structure from a major drop at the beginning of the season to smaller, curated drops throughout the course of the season. On top of that, each ICON series drop will have its own unique design and style, making your Candy baseball collection vibrant, dynamic and one of a kind.

March 29th 

Showstopper ICONs: We’re kicking off the season in style with a limited release featuring the top 40+ best players currently in the League. Collectors will have an opportunity to unwrap a special insert as 23 packs will contain the Candy ICONic Pass. This pass provides (1) free pack from EVERY ICON drop this year. 

  • Price: $43 
  • Total Packs: 2,021
  • Rarity:
  • ~Rare: 100
  • ~Epic: 40
  • ~Legendary: 1


  • Team ICONs: Further your fandom by collecting your favorite team’s packs. These ICONs can be used at the launch of Candy Code Breakers.


  • Rookie ICONs: Celebrate 40 of MLB’s current top Rookies while paying homage to 10 superstars’ rookie seasons. Inserts will be introduced and continue for the following pack releases this year:


  • Series 1 ICONs: Candy’s 2023 base set, featuring 100 players.


  • All-Star ICONs: The third set in the series. Collect MLB’s 2023 All Stars!


  • Hall of Fame ICONs: The second set in our Legends series, featuring MLB’s finest Hall of Famers.


  • Series 2 ICONs: Candy’s 2023 base set, featuring 100 players.


  • Playoff ICONs: Celebrate the players of the 2023 MLB Playoffs!


  • Ink ICONs: Premium set highlighted with mesmerizing metallic inks


  • Uncut Diamonds ICONs: The third set in the series. Collect MLB’s 2023 most promising prospects.

Exact dates, edition size, and pricing of each release will be announced as we get closer to the drop date. As the season progresses we may call up additional ICONs products to bat, and the schedule above may also be subject to change. We’ll share any additional information once it’s locked in.


While we love a good Play of the Day (who doesn’t?!), we’re always looking for ways to make things more exciting. That’s why this season we are re-packaging our highlights and introducing a new drop cadence! 

For the 2023 Season, we will be moving away from Play of the Day and introducing Plays of the Week in pack form and launching a new product focused on historical highlights. With our new packs, Highlights will now be assigned a rarity too. 

Season-Long Highlights

Play of the Week

  • Weekly pack drops that feature the Top 10 Plays of the Week from the previous week in MLB, kicking off on April 3rd 
  • To further emphasize the rarity and scarcity, all Play of the Week packs will include a rarity structure with no Open Edition mints

Historical Monthly Packs

  • Candy’s access to MLB highlights goes well beyond the current season. We’ll be celebrating both current and former legends with monthly limited edition packs, and even be giving you the opportunity to vote on some of the plays we include. 
  • Get ready to celebrate and own iconic plays from the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Johnny Bench, Tom Seaver, Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout and more. 
  • Our fans will have the opportunity to select one play each month through a week-long poll in Discord! Be sure to join the community by Tuesday, April 4th to participate in the first vote.

Milestone Marks 

  • From Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run to Miguel Cabrera's 3,000 hit to a World Series No-Hitter, the 2022 season was filled with milestone plays. This year, we are going to ramp up how we celebrate real-time moments by releasing limited edition highlights to celebrate achievements from players across the League. This includes but is not limited to: no-hitters, first career hits, and record breaking achievements.   

Campaign Reward Packs

  • These packs will commemorate the Players of the Week and Players of the Month. These highlight compilations are exclusively rewarded to fans who compete in Candy Campaigns. More details outlined above.


Throughout the season, we’ll continue to collaborate with individual clubs and Major League Baseball as a whole to bring digital commemorative tickets back to games! Attendees for select games will have opportunities to obtain commemorative tickets that feature the box score, images from the game, and your seating information. Stay tuned for updates on the specific games where Candy MLB tickets will be available.     

Our mission is to deepen fandom and bring you new opportunities to get you closer than ever to the sport and players that drive your passion. We are committed to creating products that represent your fandom and love for baseball while providing scarcity and rarity to the market. Throughout the 2023 season we'll be hosting both virtual and in-person meet-and-greets with the players you know and love. We appreciate you being along for the ride and can’t wait to see what 2023 brings us. Let’s play ball!