A magician never reveals their secrets…. until now
4:26 pm

Candy takes previously out-of-reach physical collectibles and democratizes their availability through the use of state- of-the-art digital scanning techniques that bring them to life in the  digital world. Every imperfection - from scuff marks to clothing creases - is dutifully transferred from the physical realm and into the digital to ultimately create objects that are authentic, precise copies of the original collectible. 

Why are we doing it? At Candy we believe that collecting  authentic keepsakes should be accessible to the masses. From the Atlanta Braves’ World Series Rings, props from the global hit Stranger Things, and  Cal Ripken Jr. 's Rookie of the Year Plaque, Candy is taking meaningful objects and artifacts from specific moments in history and reimagining them through visionary engineering.

How do we do it? Candy uses geometric and volumetric scanning methods to transform items into 3D digital collectibles. Candy captures every aspect of the objects using LiDAR and structured-light 3D scanning to accurately transform a physical product into their digital counterpart. 

What's coming up? Stay tuned for more information on what’s next out of the Candy Factory.