2022 MLB Uncut Diamonds ICON Series Details
4:05 pm


  • Two different packs to choose from
  • 40 of MLB’s brightest young prospects
  • First-of-its-kind interactive Call Up Challenge and new Inserts

**The Early Access window starts on 12/7 at 1pm ET and the General Access starts on 12/8 at 1pm ET***

this was previously changed from 12/6 and 12/7

We may be in the thick of the MLB offseason, but that doesn’t mean baseball sleeps here at Candy. We are proud to introduce our 2022 Uncut Diamonds series, a collection of 40 of the game’s most notable young prospects. This is your chance to collect debut ICONs of the next generation of MLB stars, including: Arizona D-backs SS Jordan Lawlar, New York Yankees SS Anthony Volpe, St. Louis Cardinals 3B Jordan Walker, Baltimore Orioles RHP Grayson Rodriguez, and many more.

Collectors can choose from either a 3- or 10-ICON pack. There will be two different challenges associated with Uncut Diamonds, including a timed full-set collection challenge, and the brand-new 2023 MLB Call Up Challenge, which you can read more about below. And if you’re lucky enough to pull a Legendary Uncut Diamond, you may find a special audio component recorded exclusively for your ICON.

Additionally, collectors can discover a total of three unique inserts. Two highlighting 2021 and 2022 top MLB Draft picks, Henry Davis and Jackson Holliday, and the third shining a spotlight on Jasson Dominguez and Marcelo Mayer, who are sure to headline many future Yankees-Red Sox rivalry games.

It all starts on Thursday, December 8 at 1:00pm ET, with Early Access available for certain collectors 24 hours earlier.

Check out the details below of all the different ways you can collect. 

Early Access Group:

  • 510 3-ICON Packs and 510 10-ICON Packs will be included in Early Access 
  • 3 Pack per Transaction Limit 
  • 3 minute cooldown between purchases 
  • 5 minutes to complete purchase 
  • Top 50 Net Spenders
  • Current holders of the 2021 Uncut Diamonds Full Set + Chaser
  • Current holders of a 2021 Uncut Diamonds Legendary
  • The snapshot for Early Access groups will be taken on December 2nd at 5pm ET and eligible users will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter 

General Access Group:

  • 10 Pack per Transaction Limit 
  • 3 minute cooldown between purchases 
  • 5 minutes to complete purchase 
  • No Account Limits

2022 MLB Uncut Diamonds 3-ICON Pack - $25

  • Includes 3 Uncut Diamonds ICONs and a 5% chance at an Insert
  • Rarities ranging from Core-Legendary
  • Available at 1 PM ET on 12/8/2022 
  • Early Access available at 1 PM ET on 12/7/2022

Pack Odds: 

  • Core: 12:5
  • Uncommon: 8:27
  • Rare: 7:32
  • Epic: 3:32
  • Legendary: 1:200

2022 MLB Uncut Diamonds 10-ICON Pack - $150

  • Includes 10 Uncut Diamonds ICONs and a 10% chance at an Insert
  • Rarities ranging from Core- Legendary
  • Each 10-ICON Pack is guaranteed to include a Rare
  • Available at 1 PM ET on 12/8/2022 
  • Early Access available at 1 PM ET on 12/7/2022

Pack Odds: 

  • Core: 13:2
  • Uncommon: 2:1
  • Rare: 1:1
  • Epic: 1:2
  • Legendary: 1:71

Timed Full-Set Collection Challenge

  • Collectors must hold all 40 players in the 2022 MLB Uncut Diamonds series on 12/12 at 1pm ET.
  • Collections must include at least five Rare or better 2022 MLB Uncut Diamonds
  • Reward: Druw Jones horizontal chaser
  • snapshot for the full-set challenge is 12/12 @ 1pm ET

2023 MLB Call Up Challenge 

  • Customers must create a Showcase with five 2022 Uncut Diamonds of any rarity
  • The Showcase must reflect the order in which the customer believes those Uncut Diamonds will be called up to MLB
  • Showcase title must be “2023 MLB Call Up Challenge”
  • Showcases must be created by 5PM ET on 3/6/23
  • Collectors who correctly predict the order in which the first five Uncut Diamonds will be called up to MLB will win
  • Prizes include a new NFT and a baseball signed by the 2022 Uncut Diamond player of their choice (subject to availability)

Full Player List (alphabetical by last name):

Bradley, Taj, Tampa Bay Rays, RHP

Cartaya, Diego, Los Angeles Dodgers, C

Chourio, Jackson, Milwaukee Brewers, OF

Cowser, Colton, Baltimore Orioles, CF

Cross, Gavin, Kansas City Royals, CF

Crow-Armstrong, Pete, Chicago Cubs, LF

Davis, Henry, Pittsburgh Pirates, C

De La Cruz, Elly, Cincinnati Reds, 3B

Domínguez, Jasson, New York Yankees, OF

Espino, Daniel, Cleveland Guardians, RHP

Ford, Harry, Seattle Mariners, C

Frelick, Sal, Milwaukee Brewers, OF

Gelof, Zack, Oakland Athletics, 3B

Green, Elijah, Washington Nationals, CF

Harrison, Kyle, San Francisco Giants, LHP

Hassell III, Robert, Washington Nationals, CF

Holliday, Jackson, Baltimore Orioles, SS

Jobe, Jackson, Detroit Tigers, RHP

Johnson, Termarr, Pittsburgh Pirates, 2B

Lawlar, Jordan, Arizona Diamondbacks, SS

Lee, Brooks, Minnesota Twins, SS

Leiter, Jack, Texas Rangers, RHP

Leon, Pedro, Houston Astros, SS

Martinez, Orelvis, Toronto Blue Jays, SS

Mayer, Marcelo, Boston Red Sox, SS

Mead, Curtis, Tampa Bay Rays, 3B

Miller, Bobby, Los Angeles Dodgers, RHP

Montgomery, Colson, Chicago White Sox, SS

Neto, Zach, Los Angeles Angels, SS

Painter, Andrew, Philadelphia Phillies, RHP

Perez, Eury, Miami Marlins, RHP

Priester, Quinn, Pittsburgh Pirates, RHP

Ramirez, Alex, New York Mets, OF

Rodriguez, Grayson, Baltimore Orioles, RHP

Shuster, Jared, Atlanta Braves, LHP

Tiedemann, Ricky, Toronto Blue Jays, SP

Valera, George, Cleveland Guardians, OF

Veen, Zac, Colorado Rockies, OF

Volpe, Anthony, New York Yankees, SS

Walker, Jordan, St. Louis Cardinals, 3B

Full player Checklist is available here

Terms for the Timed Full-Set Collection Challenge can be found here 

Terms for the MLB Call Up Challenge can be found here