2022 MLB ICON All-Star Series Details
11:32 am


  • 2022 MLB All-Stars 
  • 80 players Included 
  • Blue and Gold Edition packs

Honoring baseball’s greats is something we love to do. This time, it’s this season’s greats. The 2022 MLB ICON All-Star Series is coming soon! Held at Dodger Stadium, the 2022 All-Star Game was taken by the American League and the Home Run Derby by Juan Soto. Candy is extending the celebration and bringing the ‘22 All-Stars to your collection.

Following the trend of the 2021 All-Star Series, this year’s packs will feature 80 players total, all represented on the 2022 All-Star roster. To enhance your collecting experience there are also collection and burning challenges from the jump start. There will be more on collection challenges coming soon! Here is everything you need to know to build your own collection of All-Stars when drop day comes!

All names are big when it comes to the Mid-Summer Classic, but here’s some highlighted moments from the day. The day before the All-Star Game Shohei Ohtani, who was only a DH and not pitching, stated “first pitch, first swing, first hit.” Of course he did it, a single on the first pitch. Andres Gimenez displayed his All-Star caliber defense with a crazy stop, behind the back toss double play. Also can’t leave out Giancarlo Stanton and Byron Buxton’s back-to-back home runs. Clayton Kershaw came in clutch for the National League, picking off Ohtani. 

Drop Details: 

Pack Details:

Blue Edition 

  • 3 ICONs 
  • The Blue Edition packs will be made up of Core, Uncommon, and Rare ICONs with a small chance to pull an epic
  • Bonus Tricon -  an additional ICON made up of the three ICONs you pulled in the pack. Tricons will have no serials and be airdropped to all customers who purchase AND open a Blue Edition pack by 10/31 

Gold Edition

  • 10 ICONs
  • The Gold Edition packs contain Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary ICONs
  • Guaranteed Rare ICON

Pre-Sale is Monday 9/19 from 10 AM ET to 11:59pm ET 

  • Blue Edition: $15 Pre-Sale price
  • Gold Edition: $125 Pre-Sale price 

General Sale starts at 1 PM ET Tuesday 9/20 

  • Blue Edition: $25 General Sale price 
  • Gold Edition: $150 General Sale price 

Pre-Sale Qualifications:

Blue Edition 

  • All-Star Game Commemorative Ticket Holders 
  • Home Run Derby Commemorative Ticket Holders 

*snapshot will be taken on 9/16 at 5pm ET 

Gold Edition

  • Current holders of completed sets of the 2021 All-Star Series *including Chaser Reward 
  • Current holders of 2021 All-Star 1-1 Legendaries 

*snapshot will be taken on 9/16 at 5pm ET