2022 MLB ICON All-Star Series Collection Challenges
12:33 pm


  • Burning Challenge 
  • Full Set Challenges

There will be two different collection challenges for our 2022 MLB ICON All-Star Series. One of them is a burning challenge to unlock Epics that won’t be available in packs. The second kind revolves around set collections. Whether you’re aiming for some Epics, all of the Epics or allllll of the players, we have a challenge for you. 

All-Star Burning Challenge: Ten players that are part of the 2022 All-Star Series will not have Epics available in packs. The only way you can receive an Epic for these players is via the burning challenge. 

The burning system works similarly to our 2022 Leadoff Series Burning Challenge, it will be a point system. You need to accumulate 50 points in order to burn for an Epic. 44 total points can be burned from any player and 6 points need to be of the player you would like to burn for. 

Rarities and points are as follows: 

  • Core: 3 pts. 
  • Uncommon: 6 pts.
  • Rare: 15 pts. 

Start time: 1pm ET Wednesday 9/21 

End time: 5pm ET Friday 9/23 

10 Epic Players to burn for:

  • Jose Ramirez
  • Alek Manoah
  • Manny Machado
  • Nolan Arenado
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • Gerrit Cole
  • Juan Soto 
  • Rafael Devers
  • Pete Alonso
  • Clayton Kershaw

All-Star Full Set Challenge to give collectors more chances to flex, we are offering two different full set challenges. 

  • Collect all 80 Players of any rarity and receive the Base Challenge Reward: Miguel Cabrera Chaser
  • Collect all 80 Players of the Epic rarity and receive the Epic Challenge Reward: Albert Pujols Chaser

*A maximum of 25 Epic Rewards will be created. 

Challenge Dates (both): 

  • Start: Friday, September 30 
  • End: Tuesday, November 15