2022 MLB All-Star ICONs Bracket Challenge
2:30 pm

Now that the 2022 MLB All-Star ICONs packs are revealed — how about a bracket challenge?!

Nothing in baseball is more entertaining than the midseason classic between the National League and American League All-Stars. These players make the team from fans voting on their favorite players or those they feel earned a spot on the roster! We’re going to go about this similarly, but are letting you, the fans, vote on which 2022 MLB All-Star ICON is the best overall! What is unique about this is to be able to showcase 40 of the 80 ICONs before they go on sale 9.20

Starting now until Sunday, September 11 at 11:59 PM EST, you will be able to fill out your bracket in order to win one of five (5) prizes. You can base your selections on a few different criteria that are outlined below. Will it be the best looking overall ICON, your favorite player or someone you’ve admired watching them play the game of baseball.

VOTING: Once you’ve selected your brackets, you’ll be able to vote on the selections each day leading up to the launch of our 2022 MLB All-Star ICONs packs! Monday, September 12 at 10:00 AM EST until 10:00 AM EST the following day will be the first 8 matchups of the overall bracket with every following matchup occurring at 10:00 AM EST and running until 10:00 AM EST each day.

The daily voting will take place on Discord and you will be able to vote by selecting the emoji below each ICON you choose to win that round with the opportunity to create an additional vote by going on Twitter or Instagram, sharing the ICON, and using the hashtag #CandyASG to share your love for that player.

BRACKET: Follow this link to be brought to the official bracket. From there, you can make a copy of the document by going to File > Make a Copy and then filling out your bracket (you’ll have to be signed in with your Google account to make a copy)! Once completed, head over to this link and drop in your Bracket link along with some basic information on how to reach you. Simple as that! We'll update the official bracket from the link above and also have updated graphics to showcase winners throughout the challenge.

PRIZES:Five (5) individuals who submitted a bracket will be raffled off to win (1) 2022 ASG Blue Edition pack to be airdropped into their collection within 72 hours.

Good Luck!